Once you’ve installed Microsoft Office, next you should know how to start them. The quickest way to start them is from Windows Start Menu. You can also create icons(commonly known as shortcuts) which can be on desktop, which can be used for quickly accessing the application.

Follow these steps to start Office application from the Start menu:

1> Click on Start, point the mouse on Programs. The Programs menu appears.

2> Here you can open a particular Office application by clicking that application’s icon on the menu. The program window for that application appears.

You can also start a particular Office application by choosing the type of Office document that you are going to create. This is done using the Start menu.

1> From the Windows desktop, click Start, New Office Document. The New Office Document dialog box appears.

2> All the Office application templates are available on the different tabs of the New Office Document dialog box. You can create blank documents or special documents from the templates that are provided. Select a particular template in he dialog box.

3> Click OK. The application that uses that particular template opens (such as a Word if you select the Blank Document icon), and the new document appears in the appication window.


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