Are you annoyed by random people sending you invitations from orkut or orkut members sending you emails ?

If you are not a orkut member but then too you are receiving emails from Orkut members, or getting too many requests from orkut and you are not interested in joining the Social Network Orkut, then go to this page, and enter your Email ID and select “Disallow Orkut members from sending email” and you’ll stop getting any emails from any member of Orkut.

How Can I Stop People From Sending Me Orkut Invitation or Mails From Orkut

If you want to rever your decsion then go to te same page and select “Allow orkut members to send email“, then everyone will be able to send you emails from Orkut !

Click on Confirm, after you select your option and a verification email will be sent to your mail, and you’ll be asked to click a link there. Once you click the link, your request will be taken care of and appropriate action will be executed.


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