On Facebook, you find a number of applications which can in turn spam your News Feed. Games such as Farmville or Mafia Wars, post messages to a players wall, which in turn comes u p on ‘friends news feed’ pages. For those Facebook users who do not require these applications, it can be quite infuriating, when they come up.

They then look for other options to get rid of these messages. They can easily be filtered out by using the ‘Hide’ option in Facebook itself. Unnecessary to say, but still, you surely need a Facebook account to begin. Read on to see how to go about it.


Your first action would be to log into your Facebook account.


You need to go to the Facebook homepage for News Feed in case it is not already there on the screen.


Find a notification from the application, for the things you have no use for and wish to hide or filter out. Let’s say, you no more want to receive messages from your friends’ Farmville account, then you have to look for the messages that read ‘Via Farmville’, generally found at the bottom of the page.


Now as you move your cursor over the notification you wish to filter, you come across a box saying ‘HIDE’.


Just click on the HIDE button and all you current and future posts will be thoroughly filtered out from your application.

It is done so easily that you have no cause for worry. You can repeat the process, just to make sure you get rid of unwanted messages from your Facebook account.

However, you do need to make a note that there are options of filtering out posts sent by your friends too. You also have the facility to ‘UNHIDE’ the blocked applications b using the ‘Edit Option’menu at the very bottom of your News Feed.


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