How to Save a Picture from a Video/Movie using Movie Maker

While watching your favorite movie, you might come across a few scenes that are breathtaking and/or very close to your heart. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a convenient application – say Windows Movie Maker – to save a still image at that instant? Then, you would be able to save the image in your Pictures folder, and even set it as a desktop background if you wish. It turns out that Windows Movie Maker has an easy option that lets you do exactly this.

  1. Load the movie/clip from which you want to extract a still image on to Windows Movie Maker.
  2. You can do this by importing a new collection and then selecting the video clip from the Collections panel.
  3. Now, play the movie in the preview theater embedded in Movie Maker and use the slider to go to the exact frame of which you wish to take a picture.
  4. Pause the movie.
  5. Click on the Take Picture tab right below the player. [It is located to the bottom right side of the player.]
  6. In the prompt that comes up, choose a filename as you feel like and click on Save.
  7. Your frame has been saved on your computer as a still image after this.

There are, however, other options as well if you wish to capture a still image from a video file. Simple media players like VLC come equipped with a Snapshot option that lets you take a snapshot of the current frame that the video is in. All you have to do is pause the clip at the particular frame, and click on Video -> Snapshot. It will automatically save a still image of that frame in the My Pictures folder.


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