3½ inch floppies are almost no longer in use, but doesn’t mean that they are completely outmoded. There are a few people who still use floppy disks even today. This article is for those few folks 🙂 ..

Firstly, floppy disks are NOT reliable source and you should NEVER store sensitive, important data in them. Even if you decide to store some data in them, don’t forget to label the disks, possibly with a permanent felttip pen, so that you know what data you’ve stored in them.

If the floppy disk has an old label on it, please remove that before sticking a new one, else it piles up and makes the disk too fat to fit in the drive.

Do not write on the disks sleeve instead of the label.

Do not leave the floppy disks exposed in the sun.

Never keep floppy disks next to magnets and magnets disguised in the form of paper clip holders and such as magnetic force will delete all the data.


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