An Easy Method To Quickly Track Your UPS Or FEDEX Shipments

Most courier companies offer a web based tracking facility which helps you to track your shipment by logging on to their website. This facility only benefits people who are able to log on to the web via a PC or laptop and track their shipments accordingly.
People who are always on a move and have limited access to the web are not able to use this facility. Nevertheless, they can call the courier company and find the status of their shipment with the help of shipment tracking number.

To make shipment tracking more convenient, UPS or FedEx Courier Services allows you to email the correct tracking number to the respective forwarder and receive an auto reply from them with the shipment delivery details.

Although there are various methods of tracking the status of your shipment, this one seems to be the easiest. Moreover, you can save a copy into your mobile phone so as to retrieve it whenever required.

You just need to compose a new mail and type in the proper shipment tracking number within the body of the email. Keep the subject field empty and send it to [email protected] for FEDEX or [email protected] for UPS couriers.

This is perhaps the best technique to track parcels bought through eBay auction website or other online stores, instead of logging on to the websites to check the status.


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