Auto refresh is not a new feature. It’s part of IE since, 5 and has also been in IE 6. Auto Refresh in Internet Explorer / IE is known as Meta-Refresh.

This is not a browser feature, but a websites feature, for ex- a cricket website would have auto-refresh feature hook enabled in its Score card page.

But some times the page or site may refresh frequently, even before you are done with the content on that particular page. This Meta-Refresh or auto-refresh feature can be turned of forcefully, but you should be very sure before you turn it off, as a lot of websites need this feature to be enabled by default.

To turn of Auto-Refresh or Meta-Refresh :

1> Goto Tools -> Internet Options – > select the tab Security

how can I turn off auto refresh in Internet Explorer 7

2> Click on Custom Level -> Scroll till you find Miscellaneous

3> Allow META REFRESH -> Select Disable

how can I turn off auto refresh in Internet Explorer 7

4> Click on OK and exit.


  1. Thanks for the info. Also, thanks to for bringing me here. Searched many times in Google, but never found the answer. I’m starting to swich my searches to Ask, as I’ve read that their privacy practices are much better.

  2. @ Kevin – Glad that the article helped you to turn off auto refreshing in Internet Explorer. If you have any questions about computers, do leave a comment and and will try to answer the questions.


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