How to solve the problem of no notification sounds in Entourage

A few Mac users have reported a strange bug in Entourage – in which all of the sound notifications of the application got turned off on their own. Although this seems quite trivial, this might not be the case – as the only resolutions to the problem that can be thought of are the trivial solutions. These are listed below. However, if the problem is not fixed after applying these methods, then your system needs to be checked thoroughly for bugs of a more serious nature.

Resolution A: Checking the sound levels of the entire Mac OS

  1. Navigate to Apple -> System Preferences -> Sound.
  2. Select the Output tab.
  3. Select the Digital Out in the list, and check all of the parameters governing this section.
  4. Make sure that the Mute button is deselected, and that the Output volume slider is at a reasonable position. If you wish, you can select the Show volume in menu bar option so that you have easy access to this feature in the future.

Resolution B: Checking the sound options of the various Entourage notifications

  1. As it is quite possible that you might have accidentally disabled the sounds of the Entourage notifications, this step is also necessary. For this, you have to first run Entourage.
  2. Now you have to select Entourage -> Preferences.
  3. In the panel to the left, under the General Preferences branch, click on the Notification option.
  4. Now, make sure that you have selected all the required options that are displayed on the right-hand panel – such as New mail sound, Reminder sound, etc.

If these two solutions do not work, then check if you have sounds coming from other applications. What about songs and media? This will tell you whether it is only Entourage that has no sound or whether it is a gross system problem.


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