Settings to Upload Your Photos Directly To FaceBook Account from Mobile Phone

Now days, taking photos via cellphone is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with some of the high quality cameras being integrated with them.

If you are a FaceBook fan, you would need to manually upload the photographs taken from your cell phone each and every time you want to add new photos in your albums, and therefore you will need to login each time.

Well and there is a workaround with which you can save you time. What you have to do is simply turn on your FaceBook mobile account and then directly upload the photos or media files that are stored in your cell phone.

For this, just follow some simple steps given below:

  1. First of all, just go to the photo or picture in your mobile that you want to launch to Facebook
  2. Choose to send as an email or else an email photo function in the menu shown on your mobile screen
  3. At the time, when a new message comes into view (along with the attached chosen photo), input [email protected] in the Textbox with ‘To:’ field
  4. Enter the label or title to photo in the column of subject.
  5. Select ‘Send
  6. When your mobile gets an email of notification from FaceBook, you will get a password or code.
  7. Check whether you are logged in your FaceBook account.
  8. After that, click on the option as “Activate FaceBook Mobile”.
  9. Hit on the option ‘Sign up Here’ then ‘Confirm your phone’ at the foot of the page.
  10. You’ll need to further scroll down and click on the ‘Already have a confirmation code’.
  11. Enter your password when prompted with ‘Enter the code that you received in your email’ finally hit ‘Confirm’.

Your FaceBook mobile account is all set to go now.


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