Installation of VLC Media Player in Delivering Online Media Files to PCS

The name “Streaming” refers to the medium that continuously receives multimedia from Steam provider and delivers it to the end-users. Internet television is one of such streamed media in which videos are broadcasted online to its users.

For streaming such media files VLC Media Player can be used as a server to our PCS through wireless connection in digital home.

However to achieve streaming by a VLC media player involves two major steps:

  • Media Server setup in PC Server
  • Media Player setup in client PC

Steps to setup Media Server in PC Server:

  1. Installation of VLC media player in windows pc (download link)
  2. After installation launch the player
  3. Go to File ->Wizard to open Streaming/Transcoding Wizard.
  4. Then select “Stream to network” and click Next button.
  5. Click Choose button a new window will be pop up.
  6. Click Browse button to choose media file to play, then click OK button.
  7. Click button next.
    While choosing “stream to Network” there are many streaming methods of which you can select the desired method. For example

    • UDP unicast –stream to single computer
    • UDP multicast –stream to more than one computer
    • HTTP-stream with the help of HTTP protocol
  8. Check “HTTP”, enter the IP address of the server and then click Next button.
  9. After checking “MPEG TS” click Next button.
  10. Click Finish button to complete this set up.

Steps to setup Media server in client PC:

  1. Install VLC Media player in another PC and then launch VLC media player.
  2. Go to File->Open Network Stream.
  3. Check “HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS”, and then enter URL as {media server IP}:8080.
  4. Go to ‘Customize’ field at the bottom, enter the value as http: / / {media server IP}:8080.
  5. Click OK button to complete media server setup.

All the above steps should be modified according to the IP address that suits your environment.



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