How Can I Use Voice Dictation In Office XP ?

Let us look into, how we can dictate text into an Office application such as word. To start with you’ll need a good quality headset microphone. Wear your headset microphone or if you are using a standalone microphone, then place it in a position that you determined when you used the Microphone Wizard.

When you are set to go:

1> Select the Tools menu
2> Select Speech (The language bar appears),
3> Click Dictation button on the toolbar.

You can begin dictating the text once you have enabled the Dictation button. If you want to put a “new line”, then say “new line” and a line break is inserted into the text. By saying words such as “period” or “comma”, a punctuation will be placed in the document.

When you have finished dictating into the document, click the Microphone button on the Language bar. When you click the Microphone button, the Language bar collapses, hiding the Dictation and the Voice command buttons. You can also stop Dictation mode by saying “microphone”.

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