How Can My Website Visitors Chat With Me When I’m Online ?

I’ve used services like Karzi and chat creator. They are very basic in functionality and need a lot more work done on them to keep users engaged.

Plugoo is one of my latest discovery. Easy and simple to use.

How Can My Website Visitors Chat With Me When I'm Online

Plugoo prompts you to provide information about one of the Messenger services (Yahoo! Messenger, Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM or Jabber) you use regularly. Once you provide the necessary information, you can create an account for yourself on Plugoo and build a customized Plugoo widget which you can embed in your site.

Your website visitors can directly interact with you with the aid of this widget and the message they key in will be delivered to your associated IM. Your can show your status too on plugoo. In case you are offline, you can either choose offline messages to be delivered to you when you go online the next time, or mailed to a specified account. This set is is available in ‘My settings’ tab when you are logged into plugoo.

Free account lets you chat with one single person at a time, and if you upgrade your account, you can chat with many people at a time. And all your conversations are private, so there is nothing to worry.


  1. I am trying to create a Plugoo account. I could create my profile without any problem. Clicking the next ok button after creating Profile, nothing happened. As a result, I am not successful in creating the account. Can You Please help me ?



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