Yahoo! BrowserPlus is an amazing open source technology that lets the web browsers generate advanced web applications. It allows users to create applications that feature eminent desktop capabilities. It exposes a new arena to JavaScript that facilitate the web applications to gain a secure and safe access to the desktop facilities. One of the strongest points of this application is its ability to update web browsers with new features on the fly. Further it does not require the need for the page reload or restart to update the web applications.

Yahoo! BrowserPlus is loaded with an advanced feature called advanced in-page upload. With the help of this utility a user can select multiple files at one time. This can be done by holding the shift button while selecting numerous files. Further, it shows you a thumbnail preview of any file you upload. For other files, other than images, this tool displays a small icon which bears the necessary details of the file clicked. You can also rotate images by hovering the mouse over their thumbnail preview. You can simply drag your latest images to your Yahoo! Mail with the help of this tool. This means that you can save images in your email account with any need for attaching them.

This application runs independent of your web browser. This means that you can easily shut down this application when you want. It does not intervene with the speed of your browsing sessions at all.

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