Internet Explorer 8 – Easy Technique To Uninstall It In Windows Vista

Many of the Windows Vista users must be having complaints regarding IE8 ( downloading IE8 ) which is quite unstable. It occasionally crashes and stops responding while browsing websites forcing the user to close the application. The crashes and bugs occur more often in case of users who use third-party add-on’s like Google Toolbar.

Internet Explorer 8 features a user interface similar to that of IE7. Hence, users who have problems while working with IE8 do not find anything attractive in it as compared to IE7. If you are among the ones who do not want to use IE8 anymore and wish to revert or rollback to IE7 or IE6, it is possible that you uninstall IE8.

In Windows XP, you can uninstall IE8 by using the module “Add/ Remove Programs”. However, Windows Vista doesn’t consider Internet Explorer 8 as a “program” but categorizes it as an “update”. Hence you won’t be able to locate “Internet Explorer 8” within “Programs & Features” in Vista.

To uninstall IE8 from Windows Vista, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Open the “Control Panel”. Click on “Programs & Features” icon or “Uninstall Programs” link.
2. On the left side, within the “Tasks” pane, check for the link “View installed updates” and click on it.
3. From the list that appears, locate “Internet Explorer 8” and select it. Click on the “Uninstall” button.
4. You will be asked to confirm the uninstallation of the update. Click on “Yes”.

You may try to run “spuninst.exe” manually, in case “Add/ Remove Programs” or “Programs & Features” dialog box does not show any option for Internet Explorer 8 or the uninstallation of IE8 has been unclean (showing an error message that the setup is enable to continue due to the detection of more recent IE version while trying to revert to IE7).

To go ahead with this method, you need to go navigate to “C:\WINDOWS\ie8\spuninst\ folder” (drive letter may differ in your case, in the above example it is C:\, it normally will be where you have installed your Windows.) and then run “spuninst.exe” file. Once the uninstallation is complete, just restart the computer.


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