Quite some time ago I wrote how to download a free calculator for windows, which can plot graphs and solve complex equations.

Some one wanted to know how to paste simple arithmetic equations into a calculator and get results. Here’s the simple procedure to achieve this:

1. Select the equation in the document.

2. Press CTRL + INS (Insert button as seen on some keyboards) to copy it to the clipboard. Alternatively, press Ctrl + C to copy it.

3. Open Windows Calculator by typing ‘calc’ in the Run box.

Here is a sample equation for you to try. Just copy paste in to the calculator.


Result is 162.

4. Press Ctrl + V

5. The equation gets evaluated and the result displayed.

Note: – If your equation does not have an equal to sign (=) you’ll need to press enter key once to get the result. Easier way will be to add an equal to sign (=) at the end of all your equations :).


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