I have written a post on how to cancel a friend request on Facebook ?

Earlier when I wrote the post, this feature was not yet implemented. But now that’s not the case, as there are two ways to cancel a friend request / invite which you send to people who you don’t know or misplace by mistake:

1> Login to your FaceBook account and navigate to your ‘Privacy settings’. Find the person you’ve sent the request to by mistake and block that person. Immediately unblock the person. When you do this you’ll notice that the request is off ! This is a crude way to get it done.

However, there is another way to achieve the same:

2> Login to your FaceBook account and navigate to your friends list. There in the view, you’ll notice that your friends are nicely segregated to different lists. In one part, you’ll find the list of people, who you’ve sent a request to, and haven’t heard anything from them yet. It would say ‘awaiting confirmation’,  next to their name.  Click the ‘close’ or ‘X’ button and that will take care of the unanswered request.


  1. what i meant is all my friend requests sent. and without viewing their profiles because i don’t remember their names.

  2. actually, i want to cancel the requests that i have accidentally sent.. not a friend request. can you help me?

  3. You just go to their profile scroll down and on the left under their picture and stuff it says “Cancle Friend Request” and click that.

  4. No both ways are not working. I blocked someone first and again unblocked them but when i go to their profile page i see “awaiting friend confirmation”. I have also clicked on “X” icon but still not working dude.
    help me. it has been over 2 weeks.


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