View and Watch Video Clips On iPhone or iPod is mainly designed for viewing and downloading the user uploaded content, and it is one of the best video sharing services. The user-generated content basically centers on “shows” or “episodic content” and “series” like on Youtube.

Due to the popularity of some mobile phones, particularly iPod and iPhone, includes special formats of the files provided for viewers of iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G and some other portable devices or media players.

There is a very simple method in iPhone and iPod to visit, browse, view, download and watch the videos from This minimizes the problems that normally arise with drop down links, or going to the menu to pick suitable file formats designed for different devices.

In order to download or watch the video clips on iPhone or iPod, the users of these devices may just add “/rss/ipod” or “/rss/itunes” at the end of the URL (link location) of the favorite video.

For instance, URL “” must be typed in the place of “

The addition of extra suffix will display the channel’s RSS feeds , which is modified to suit the targeted device, so that it permits the user to easily watch and view all accessible videos in the list.


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