Are you a hard core gamer, whose played on different kind of gaming devices ? How many different types of Video Game devices have you played with ? Over a period of time, video game controllers have improved drastically in performance and have reduced in size. The number of buttons, functions and features have increased giving us the best gaming experience, which our folks probably never even dreamt about.

I was stumbling (which I do when I am bored) and found a great site, where the webmaster has tried to create, kind of a video-game-controller family tree. Had never seen anything like that, and being a video game freak, I had to share it with all my readers ! The video-game-controller genealogy is not complete or perfect, but it gives us real good exposure and helps us realize how lucky we are to have the modern day Wi’s, XBoxes and the Play Stations.

[ See The Video Game Controller Genealogy ]

Kudos to the webmaster !


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