Smart tags is an interesting feature in Microsoft Office XP. Smart tag is nothing but a special shortcut menu that provides the user with additional options related to a particular feature.

There are various kind of smart tags like – paste smart tags, auto correct smart tags and smart tags for dates, times, and addresses, which you can place in your office document.

Lets say for example, you are typing a letter to a new contact, then smart tags will help you fill address information into outlook contacts list.Various Microsoft office XP applications Microsoft word has the ability to auto detect current date, time and valid address information, also provide you with appropriate smart tag.

Smart Tagged” information is easy to recognize as it will have an underlined dotted red line, and when you you place your mouse on a smart tag, you can click to open a menu of options as shown in this image:

How Does Microsoft Office XP

Smart tags improve your productivity by acting as your virtual assistant and helping you with quick information you’ll need while doing some daily activities.


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