Came across this story which talks about what the iPhone can do to you 🙂 .. Justine Ezarik got her phone bill in the mail packed in a cardboard box. Shipping and handling for the cardboard box was $7.

Now the bill was $274.81 (~ Re 12,000 ), the phone company was AT&T, and now the world famous cardboard box was large. But the two details of real interest are that the bill was 300 pages long and that Justine Ezarik uses a hallowed iPhone.

Unanswered questions abound at this point and answers to them:

Why was the bill 300 pages long ?

Because, the now famous Ezarik sent out 15,000 messages in one month from her iPhone. She didn’t eat, she didn’t sleep she didn’t visit the bathroom, she did nothing but type and type and type and type and type..

Are you kidding me?

In regards to not having visited the bathroom , that’s pure speculation but how else could she have typed out 15000 messages?

So how did she ?

We don’t know. But then you see we got this bit of news off the net like everyone else and something could have morphed over the wires.

Why did justinve Ezarik type out so many messages?

Because she was using her brand new iPhone! Don’t you get it ??


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