Long time since I caught up with Mayank, so thought would see what he was upto. Nothing much is happening on www.reviewsaurus.com , no idea why. Got some updates about his -‘where n what abouts‘.

Well what caught me was his latest “forwarded mail” which I dared and copied on one of the blogs which shares such funny interesting mails.

Mayank if you do happen to drop in, do leave a not buddy. 🙂

This pulls me to discuss if bloggers should update their visitors about their what-abouts ?

Mayank is more than just another blogger for me. From the days I used to blog in wishlost to having moved to techbuzz, he’s a good friend. Though I’ve never met him personally, we have shot mails and or discussed through comments on each others blogs.

I used to love his ‘reviewsaurus’ blog, unfortunately it’s been a quite long since it is updated. I’m sure a lot of folks around are worried/wondering/forgotten/ about Mayank who was the chief author at reviewsaurus.

He had promising plans to come up with a network, may be the plans are still on or may be not. All I can do right now is keep guessing, unless Mayank comes out of the shell and breaks da-vinci-code 😀 . But since I hardly see any activity on ReviewSaurus, I’ve almost stopped visiting that place or being interactive there.

So the lesson learnt from this is, If you are a blogger, my serious advice is, never let your audience guess anything. Never let them forget you. Now doesn’t mean that SPAM them 😉 ..

Also ensure you answer if not all, most of the comments that you recieve on your blog. It may be impossible on some blogs as the kind of traffic they may recieve might be huge. Try to answer one or two in a day. Increases interactivity on your site and hence the profitibility. I have a site I want to crib about – I’m talking about Casey who’s got a brilliant product bsuite. May be some other day.

So wondering which site replaced ReiviewSaurus … Gadget Advisor is the source of my latest technology news . I’ve also been visiting Amit agarwal’s www.labnol.org another fantastic resorce to keep my self updated with technology.

More like one stop soltion for all your needs :).


  1. Hiii Mayank !!

    Great to hear from you. Loved your new project – BlogDesignStudio 🙂 .

    I’ve had similar plans in mind for ages now 😀 .. but putting into action is what necessary … some day .. some day 🙂 ..

  2. Hi Gautam!

    Thanks for remembering me and I’m sorry that I didn’t update anyone about ReviewSaurus. It’s a very long story but at one point of time I just got over with ReviewSaurus and thought of selling it too (at one point of time) but now I think that I may come up with occasional post on it.

    that network thing is long back over and I’m involved in many projects like that –

    Blog Design Studio is my latest project, where we design WordPress themes. I’m building two more blogs – one of them is windows7log.com

    I also freelance at cloudave.com ..so these are the places where you’ll see me active everyday 🙂


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