More and more people are using applications like Gmail to be connected to the web. But there is one small problem and that is all the web applications need to be connected to the internet in order for you to access their services.

Google realizes there may be times when users want to access their emails but won’t be able to because of unreliable or unavailable connections, for example if you are traveling then you won’t have internet connection and Google decided to fill in these gaps. They came up with “Offline Gmail” which makes it possible for anyone to open their browser and access their inbox and use all Gmail’s familiar features such as search, labels and conversation threading even when they do not have internet connection / access.

Now you may be wondering how would your computer interact with gmail servers when there is no internet connection ? This probelm is solved using Google Gears, an open source browser extension that allows gmail to store the information it needs to run, all on your computer. Gmail caches the action you take on your computer while constantly searching for a connection. When it finds one, gmail sends the messages stored in your outbox, checks for new mails and automatically syncs the changes you’ve made offline with google server.

To activate Offline Gmail:

1> Install code gear if you already don’t have it.
2> Login to your Gmail account –> Go to ‘Setting->Labs‘ and enable ‘Offline Gmail

you get the same gmail experience wheather you are online or offline all in a webbrowser, just like you are used to.



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