Organize Your Emails By Inserting Jump Links

If you wish to manage your webpage so as to efficiently redirect visitors to appropriate target links, inserting “Jump Link” extensions is the best concept that you can make use of. Inserting “Jump Links” saves readers time considerably and above all makes reading more fascinating and convenient.

The concept of jump link extension is very much beneficial and can be applied to your emails as well especially, if they are long and arranged into sectionals. If you happen to use Outlook, you can easily insert jump links to your emails. You just need to follow some easy steps mentioned below.

1.> You need to first compose a new email. Then type your message in the body of the email.
2.> Now highlight the sentence or word/phrase within the body of the email for which you wish to add a hyperlink or a jump link.
3.> Once you highlight it, go to “Insert option” and select “Bookmark”. Type in a suitable name and click on “Add”.
4.> Now by going back to the body of your email, highlight the word/sentence/phrase that needs to be linked to the bookmark you just created. This highlighted word/sentence/phrase will guide the readers to the bookmark when they click on it.
5.> Go to “Insert” option and select “Hyperlink”. A window will appear in which you need to click on “Bookmark”. Now, a small box will pop out asking you to choose an existing place. Click on the appropriate bookmark (the one that you have created) and click on “OK”.
6.> By following this procedure you can insert as many jump links as you wish.

Once you finish inserting “Jump Link” extensions, you need to make sure they direct the readers to the proper target links. You may test them by pressing “CTRL” key and clicking on the link.

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