Adding Subtitles and Captions to Any YouTube Video

They would hardly be any people who do not socialize over the net. Chatting with friends, uploading photographs and videos, and blogging are some of the basic activities. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular streaming videos website, and it has thousands of visitors uploading videos everyday. The videos could be ranging from funny clips, business presentations, family occasion videos, animated tapes, commercial advertisements, music videos and lots more.

Many a time, when we upload videos in certain websites we are not allowed to add any subtitle or caption to it, and also the procedure to do it is very tedious. This never is the case with YouTube. Uploading videos and adding captions and subtitles are very easy here. This feature makes it easier to share videos globally.

Subtitles make it possible for people to understand the language of the video. The video would not become popular globally if people are unable to follow the language of the video. If the subtitles are provided in any known or common language, then all the people across the world can easily view and follow it. Usually the subtitles are provided in the international language, English.

Captions are useful when the videos cannot easily convey as to what they are about. In some of the funny clips, the subtitles might not even be according to the language that people are talking, probably in a language that is unknown to many.

YouTube allows its users to add captions and subtitles to videos that have already been uploaded. The procedure for adding the captions are subtitles is quite easy. YouTube provides a step by step guide to direct you through the various processes for adding additional information to your videos. The steps are simple and you don’t have to be a computer expert to follow them. The step by step guide can be found at the YouTube’s Help Center.

Subyo is a web service which allows users to access the videos from YouTube to add additional information to it. Users will have to register before availing the features here. As a matter of fact, you could also add your website links to your videos and attract interested prospects.

Watch Demo here.


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