Dow you want to know How To Automatically Activate Wireless Profiles When Specified Wireless Connections Are Detected ? It’s as easy as installing this simple open-source software called as Net Profiles !

‘Net Profiles’ is the free utility software that gives ease to the users to switch their network by making changes in their network setting profiles. In other words, Net Profiles is a network switcher applicable in notebooks which allows users to switch between their profile settings on the fly without having to bring changes in their network configuration. So users with notebooks can switch between, say for example, a static IP address with a DHCP configured address. Or, as in most of the cases, switch static IP address with a SMTP server.

‘Net Profiles’ is an ideal network profile manager used by smart phone users who consistently need to connect to multiple networks at the same time. You can easily save the network that you usually use at your home and office by the names “home” and “office” and easily switch between them when the need for the particular network arises. Without the implementation of this application, the users have to change the network settings and switch proxy settings manually every time you want to log on to access your laptop. This application, on the other hand, creates two or more profiles for you with its saved network configurations so that you can easily switch to either of the connections you want to use.

Net profiles also give you the ease of switching between two locations by activating the particular profile without having to restart your computer. It can also switch the settings of Windows XP firewall without restarting your notepad.

[ Download Net Profiles ]


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