Do you have a lot of programs that you use very often, mostly every time you start your system ? If you do have, then you know it gets pretty boring if you have to start all the programs manually every time. Windows vista has a solution for this, you can automate this whole process.

There is a Startup folder which you can find in the Start button’s All Programs menu. Whenever you start Vista, it looks inside the Startup folder and if it finds any program inside that folder it starts it up.

Follow these steps to automatically start the programs during startup :

1> Click the Start button and choose All Programs.

2> Right-click the Start menu’s Startup icon and choose Open. This opens a folder.

3> Drag and drop any of your favorite programs or files into the Startup folder. Windows Vista automatically places shortcuts to those programs inside the Startup folder.

4> Close the Startup folder.

And you are done. Now, whenever you turn on your PC and log on to your user account, Vista automatically loads those programs or files and hence eliminates the boring process of starting your regular programs.


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