MailStore Home is an efficient email archiving solution. It is the utility software that allows users to maintain a backup of any type of email archive. This advanced tool allows users to save a backup copy of all the emails from multiple applications into one archive. With this tool you can save all your email messages present in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Exchange, Thunderbird and POP/IMAP accounts in one single archive. This archive is loaded with safe and reliable security measures to store your emails for as long as you want.

MailStore Home offers you all the features provided by a general email application. In the final archive, you can easily access your emails within the interface, search for the email by typing a keyword. Further, with the help of this tool you can export all your messages to .eml format. You can run a backup CD to save all your messages at the click of a button. All the emails saves through this tool are stored in the compatible MIME format. This format allows you to recover your files any time without the fear of data loss.

The key advantage of this tool is that it allows you to save countless emails and attachments in one archive. It effectively saves your disk space by saving just one instance of the multiple attachments appearing in your source email application. It allows you search for your emails within a fraction of few seconds. You can further restrict your search results by the option of extended search.

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