Backup and synchronize: contacts, SMS messages, call history on Symbian / S60 phones for free. Download Synble free, for your Nokia phones.

There are two ways you can download and install it – first is by downloading it on to your system and the second is by directly downloading it onto your system in your phone’s web browser by visiting

Once installed, your imagination is the limit to unleash and use the features Synble has to offer. Some of the readily available features are :

1> Be it Mac, iPhone, iPod or your PC, you have access all your text messages, contacts on your cell phone, so you really don’t need to dig into your pocket next time to refer to a number quickly while chatting.

2> If you have other friends who have synble installed on their phone and or PC / MAC / iPhone, you chat with them free of cost !

3> Integrate your phone with twitter and see all your friends twitter status in real time on your cell phone or mobile. (cool idea: how about accessing your PC with a cell phone ? )

4> Have a GTalk account ? Now you can get messages from your Gtalk friends and message them back from your Nokia / Symbian phones using Synble for free.

5> Like to keep your self updated with the latest updates from your favorite sites, then subscribe to their RSS feeds and read the RSS feed on your Synble enabled phone !

There is much more you can do. As I told you, your imagination is your limitation. Synble has made powerful API available for developers to use their ideas to implement more !

[ Download Synble ]


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