How to Make your Internet Explorer Bookmarks Portable

For those of you who find it hard to remember the website addresses of the important sites you need to use every now and then – the bookmarks folder is an obvious help. However, if you access the web from different machines at different times – then you would ideally need to have a portable bookmarks folder that you can carry around with you and access it from any machine that you might be using.

It turns out the Internet Explorer (IE) gives you the option of creating such a portable folder that you can simply write to a disk/flash drive, and then load the folder on to a different PC and access your bookmarks from the IE on that PC.

Here is what you have to do.

  1. Exporting your Bookmarks
    1. Open the Internet Explorer.
    2. Go to File -> Import and Export.
    3. A wizard (dialog) pops-up, on the first page of which there are three options – Import from another browser, Import from a file, and Export to a file.
    4. Select Export to a file, and click on Next.
    5. Tick the checkboxes next to all of the three options that are shown next – Favorites, Feeds, and Cookies – and click Next.
    6. Save the file with your preferred name with the default .htm extension.

Now, you can save this HTM file on any memory device and load the file on to the PC you use next. In order to access your saved bookmarks, you will have to import these from the HTM file. The steps are given below.

  1. Importing your Saved Bookmarks
    1. Run Internet Explorer.
    2. Go to File -> Import and Export.
    3. Select Import from a file.
    4. Follow the instructions of the wizard till the end.

Thus, your bookmarks folder becomes completely portable with this little trick.


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