Converting (and Batch Converting) Media Files Just got Easier

Almost all of us are trapped in a war of formats when it comes to ‘media files and the PC’. You can buy songs in one format, rip them into another, your portable player requires yet another format, and your favorite media player on the PC does not support any of the previous formats. This is not a caricature but the truth. In such a situation, a simple application that lets you inter-convert a large number of digital media formats within themselves, and does this without any pretensions and hang-ups is a great boon. Digital Media Converter is one such software.

The features list of the Digital Media Converter is simple – convert media between the supported formats. Say, you want to watch movies on a portable media player, you can use the Digital Media Converter to convert MOV files/MPEG files into the format supported on that player. Inter-convert various music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, and so on, as you please. Then again, you can convert recorded TV shows into a suitable format such as AVI, MPG, etc. for viewing on your PC as and when you please.

The best part about this application is that it is simple, with a user-friendly (and uncomplicated) interface, and powerful. You don’t have to go through complicated preference menus while converting files. Moreover, the batch convert option in it is perhaps the most useful tool of all – it les you convert an entire lot of media files from one format into the other.

Digital Media Converter also supports a massive list of media formats that is exhaustive. Chances that you will encounter a format that is not convertible using this package are very low. Although there is a free trial version available, the Pro version comes at a cost of $49.95. You can download it from here.


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