How To Become Invisible In Gtalk, Google Talk, Gmail Chat

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail chat that lets you go invisible while you still are logged into your account and are online.

This option will be available when you click on the drop down arrow mark where in you can set your custom messages. One of the options here will say ‘invisible‘ and selecting that will make your invisible and your friends and people on you Gmail chat will not be able to see you online.

However, there’s one funny thing I noticed here. I normally use Firefox and had selected invisible status, however, the its seems like the invisible status does not work in Internet Explorer, because the moment I log into my Gmail account Internet Explorer, my invisible status is changed to Visible.

Otherwise you become invisible while using gmail!

Now let us see how you can be invisible on Google Talk / GTalk:

Unfortunately, there is no way to be invisible on Gtalk directly yet. However, if you have the labs version installed, then you have the facility to go invisible. But you should know that the labs version is not as stable as the other version available for chatting.

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