Using Pinnacle Studio to Blur a Section of a Video Screen

Do you have a controversial video/interview in which you want to blur out a certain section of the frames? The Windows Movie Maker has a default Blur option – however, it does not let you blur out a small section of the screen. This option will let you blur either the entire screen or not blur it at all. For blurring out special sections of the screen, such as faces, gestures, etc. you need to have more comprehensive video editor on your hands – one such video editor being the Pinnacle Studio.

Read this article to know how you can use the Pinnacle Studio application to blur a portion of your video screen.

  1. Launch Pinnacle Studio.
  2. Load your video on the timeline.
  3. Click on the tiny camera image just above the timeline – this will open the video toolbox in the main window.
  4. In the video toolbox, you will find an icon that looks like a power plug – click on it. This will open the Effects dialog in the main window.
  5. In the left panel of the Effects section, under Category, select Studio Plus RTFX, which will then result in a related list of options to appear in the right panel – under Effect.
  6. Select the Blur option and click on OK.
  7. Set the amount of blurring you need as well as the position of the blur on the screen. With this setting, you can set the spread of the blur as well.
  8. Play the video file and assure yourself that the blur effect has done its job well.

If you find that you need to blur the video to a greater extent even after selecting for maximum blurring, you can save the file, reload it, and apply the blur effect repeatedly until you get the desired result.

[ Download Pinnacle Studio ]


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