What is Aero Shake ? How Can I Use Aero Shake ? Can I Download Aero Shake ?

As we all know that Windows 7 has just been launched with some amazing features provided with it. Moreover it is very attractive in terms of looks and design. However have you ever thought about how you can remove all other applications that are running on your Windows 7 desktop in order to focus on just one that you are currently working with?

Windows 7 has the solution for people struggling with this problem. Among many other features Windows 7 has a new feature which helps you in managing your desktop screen when there are multiple windows open at the same time.

This amazing new feature is known as Aero Shake. This Aero Shake tool allows a user to clear those windows which are inactive on the desktop by shaking the window that you are working with. It will restore only one window on which you have to focus and remove all the background windows. So that means you are left with just one window on which you can focus on and after you complete your work you can again restore all those windows back as before.

You have to simply click the title bar of your active window and shake it so that you can get rid of those unwanted windows that are appearing on your desktop. By shaking it every window except one will get disappear, and you are left with just one window which you want to look at. After shaking if you realize that you have closed some important window, then you need not worry just shake again to get all the windows back.

It is very easy to use the Aero Shake it tool and allow your windows to disappear like a ghost in daylight and when you want it all back again then boom- shake it again and all the removed applications will get restored in the manner they were before.

This video of Aero Shake will help you walk through the process:



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