WebVideoCap lets you capture videos in FlashVideo file format as well as video streams of RTSP and MMS, when they are downloaded and shown in a web page by your browser. The software saves the video file in a desired chosen folder in the local drive after the download and display process is over, enabling you to view the video offline afterward using a video player.

WebVideoCap v1.37 is a freeware that works in Windows 2000 and Windows XP provided you login with administration privileges. It is compatible with Windows 2003. It will work in Windows Vista that has SP1 only if the system has WinCap driver that has been set as the video file capture method.

In case your captured video files are besmirched the software’s option of escalating buffer-size value can be used to resolve the situation. If the problem is not solved even by this option you can check the option to maintain open the captured video files till capture is completed.

Since the software is a standalone executable, no installation procedure and extra DLL files are needed. Earlier versions used to crash in MMS and RTSP streams. This bug has been solved in version 1.37. This software version is translatable to different languages and also is supported by email assistance that you can seek if you encounter a bug in the program.

WebVideoCap has some drawbacks. It is only able to detain video files like Flash, RTSP and MMS streams and media files of MS Windows. It is unable to capture RTMP streams. In case of MMS and RTSP stream capture, the video file cannot be played in the video player till you click the stop capture key, because only then the saved raw data will be translated to a video player compatible format. These video files can’t be moved frontward/backward. The software cannot capture video files saved in the browser cache.

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