Make the Internet Explorer Display Your name on it

A sweet little hack into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) can personalize it especially for you – by carving your name on the top panel (the one that contains the website name and “Microsoft Internet Explorer” written on it). This cute customization can give you the extra edge – particularly if you want to show off to your friends or your siblings.

The above figure depicts the typical browser window for IE, where the default string of “Windows Internet Explorer” follows the website name. After you carry out the hack, you can change the title text to anything you want – for instance, your own name. As an example, see the figure below, which shows an IE window, but has the text “ABCXYZ” instead of the typical “Microsoft Internet Explorer”.

To perform this crafty hack, do the following:

  1. Open the Registry Editor by entering regedit in the Run command.
  2. Locate the registry key for the following tree-branch:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
  3. Create a String registry value by the name Window Title.
  4. Double click on Window Title, and enter the text you want to see in place of “Microsoft Internet Explorer” as its data.
  5. Exit the Registry Editor and restart IE.

You will find that the browser window title now displays the text that you put in as the value data in Step 4 above.


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