BSNL’s Dataone is a broadband internet service offered one if the major Internet Service Provider of India, BSNL. If you are DataOne subscriber, then you can check your monthly internet usage from their official website at:

The problem with this reporting is that you have no way by which you can check daily internet usage. You can check only monthly usage from the official website.

The confusion arises when you want in depth information about how much of your free time you’ve used up and how much of the usage is from paid time. This is more helpful information than just monthly usage data.

This issue is addressed by Dataone Usage Finder (DUF), an opensource software. DUF is a simple program which digs out data from BSNL site. The in-built parser pulls out relevant information from your usage pages, arranges the data in a presentable and easily understandable daily usage format. If you want to save the data for further reference, you can do so as HTML files.

[ Download DUF ]


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