At times you’ll need to be aware of all the jars that are available in Hive Classpath. The Query to get a list of all jars that are included in the ClassPath of Hive, run the following Query:

hive> list jars;

This will list all the jars, the ones that are added explicitly by you, and the ones that are available by default.

The output will look like:





The jar location with file: prefix is the one which was available in the ClassPath by default. The others were added explicitly by users using the “add jar <absolute / relative class path>



  1. Can there be a case where there are no default JARs available in the ClassPath? When I list Jars in Hive, it shows me nothing. I then need to add it explicitly, even the ones containing the SerDe classes which are default ones and should be available implicitly.