How to Go About Permanently Deleting the Google Account and Any Google Services

Google provides lots of services and products to the users across the word world via Internet. These services are mostly free of cost to all web surfers and internet users. The most accepted and most prominent service of Google is undoubtedly the Gmail.

Besides Gmail, Google provides other services and products like Blogger, Alerts, Calendar, Docs, Orkut, Groups, G-talk, YouTube, Web History, Checkout, Google Analytics, Adwords, and AdSense and the list goes on with time.

If you wish to stop the use of some or all of the above Google services for very short period, you may cancel or remove any number of above the services from the Google Account. If in case you wish to delete or close your Google Account permanently, including all the services along with the information which is related with your Google Account, below is the trick to delete Google services or account completely:

  1. Firstly Sign in to your Google Account at “
  2. Click on Edit button and then go to “My products” link.
  3. There will be two parts, first “Delete a Service” and second is “Close Account”.
      If you want to delete and remove any service from Google Account then select the suitable “Delete <service name>” option.
      To stop and delete your Google Account plus all the services at one step, just click on link Finish account as well as delete all services and information associated with it.
  4. When you select to delete the services, a warning message will be displayed such as “Please read this carefully”. After that just Click once to make a tick mark in the check box which says “Yes, I wish to remove permanently <server name> from my Google account” otherwise “Yes, I want to delete permanently <email address> and close from my Google account
      If you wish to delete any of the Gmail service, you are required to give a new email address with the help of which you can sign into Google Account. It is suggested that if you remove Gmail service, it is good to remove Google Account in total.
      When you decide to close and end Google Account, click to all check boxes for the services that are presently coupled with your Google Account. After that, click on the deleting account permanently option, by agreeing to take responsibilities to any liabilities that might occur.
  5. Follow the text box and re-enter your current password.
  6. Hit on “Remove <Service Name>” option or “Delete Google Account” option to execute the removal.

When the confirmation page is shown, the chosen services are detached as of Google Account, or in simple words, the Google Account has been removed.


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