If you have an option to go for a software which is an all in one solution for your security issues, then why would you want to settle down for a mere anti-virus or a spyrware protector ? I’m talking about Norton 360, a complete all round security solution, be it for your home desktop computers or your office computers or your personal laptop, it can be used on all of them.

The new Norton 360 comes loaded with tons of features, which will ensure that your computer is protected from all most all the known security loop holes that can take your computer / desktop / laptop down and keep you away from your work ! Lets look into some of its features in brief:

Frequently troubled by spywares, viruses, Trojan horses, worms bots rootkits etc ? Your worries should end with Noton 360’s PC Security feature. All you need to do is turn on this feature and it automatically takes care of most know viruses and spywares.

Have a problem booting your system because of some unkown infection ? The Bootable Recovery Tools which comes with Norton 360 will figure out the problem, repair it, restore it to best working condition and will ensure that your system boots up properly

Shopoholic or do you frequently visit a lot social networking sites or access more than one email, then you’ll love the Identity protection feature. This feature stores your log-in credentials to various sites, your credit card details including your name, card number, CVVs and other important details. It just does not store your details, the identity protection feature stores all your private detail protected, which will never let your confidential data in the hands of scammers !

Norton 360 also comes with Back up and restore facility. If you want to back up certain data automatically at regular intervals, then this feature is a boon for you ! Just choose where you want to store the data which is backed up and rest is taken care by Norton 360.

Last but not the least, once your system is affected by viruses, it tends to slow down. This is the most irritating part. This too can be solved with Norton 360s PC Tuneup feature.

[ Norton 360 Homepage ]

One other software I recommend you should use to tune up your computer / laptop is CCleaner. One of the best freeware, I’ve ever used in this segment.


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