Although most people use the uninstallation program that typically comes with their operating system, while removing a program you no longer intend to use, this default uninstallation procedure fails to clean up all unwanted files completely and leaves some files or changes behind. In this regard, a new program called Total Uninstall 4.26 has come out that uninstalls programs completely and also lets you keep a tab on changes to your system while you are installing/removing a program.

Total Uninstall 4.26 has a free 30-day trial version of around 2.2MB in size. After using its user-friendly interface to select the system regions you wish to monitor, it takes a system snapshot before you install any new software. Thereafter, it takes a second snapshot after the new program is installed. This way, you get to know of all the changes made to your system by simply comparing the two system snapshots. There is a graphical display that lets you do so easily and you can save the settings accordingly. Later, when you uninstall that particular program, Total Uninstall guides you in reversing all the changes that were made.

Here is a list of the main features of Total Uninstall 4.26:

• Note changes in the registry while a new program is being installed

• Uninstall the marked programs completely

• Execute a search regarding the changes that are detected

• Export the changes to the registry

• You don’t have to restart to apply a file-rename to the registry

• Gives statistics of changes to the registry

• You can configure how you want to view the reports

• Notifies you when installation process starts

• You can configure the settings of the scan and program installation

• Shared .dll file handling

• Detects changes in pint

• Provides Unicode support

Version 4.26 has the following improved features:

• The installed applications tab highlights the newly installed applications since the last startup

• The same module also has an improved Installation Analyzer

• Update in the Italian language support

• It retrieves corrupted files that could freeze the system

You can get Total Uninstall 4.26 from this link.



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