I own a Nokia 3500 Classic and it’s meager 256MB memory card is almost enough for my music on the go. This morning I was fiddling with “Transfer to Media Devices” feature in Amarok, apparently it doesn’t handle USB devices (I connect to my phone using a USB data cable).

I was pretty darn sure they must be work around and I found this script: usb_device_amaroKscript.

Here’s how to get things running,

1. Get the script and drag drop the tar ball into the script manager of Amarok (Tools> Script Manager). That should install the script.

2. Now try running it, if you have mp3info installed (Mandriva systems do by default) then the script should run fine and you could skip to read step 5.

3. If the script complains that mp3info has not been found then install it from here. I suggest you get the source tar ball and fire up the terminal, navigate to the the extracted tar ball folder, run “make” and then “make install”.

4. Try running the script again, if things are fine, it will tell you so, in the status bar of Amarok.

5. Go to Settings>Configure Amarok>Media Devices. Here you should see your USB device already recognized and sitting neatly, select the Generic Audio Player plugin for it and click OK.

6. Go to Media Devices in your Amarok sidebar and click connect and done 🙂 you should see your USB device’s file listing.

You can add new directories right from that display, transfer music (both from & to the device).


  1. i was fiddling with my nokia 3500 and i accidently deleted the shortcut bar from the wallpaper.is there any way i can get it back?


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