HaxOrs have found out how to manage the Kinect’s motors ( official website)from Windows, a huge leap in the direction of the entire control of the latest Microsoft Gaming Product. This demo describes the functions of motors within kinect responding to a tiny app on the desktop. You never know, it might turn out to be just the opening for the $20,000 reward offered for an open-source kinect!

But it is not the love of money which provoked the hacking! It is believed that the person behind this is the same person who was responsible for the hacking of Play station Eye in 2008 and he has already managed to obtain video streams from both cameras to output to his PC. But there has been no word of his releasing the code. It was tracked just 3 days after its releases in the US and it is not yet launched in UK!

Watch the video here:

Via CrunchGear.



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