Rip your entire CD collection: Send them to Riptopia

Most of us have a huge CD collection on our shelves that just seem to lie there. In contrast, there are perhaps only a handful of songs from that CD collection that managed to make their way to our iPods. The thing is, ripping CDs take so long that most of us shudder of the time we would waste if we decided to rip each and every one of those hundred CDs lying around the house.

Riptopia is a fabulous service that can do this work for you. It is not a software – do not worry about downloading yet another software that rips at ‘super-fast speeds’. No, Riptopia is simply a paid service that lets you ship off your CD collection to them, and get it returned after a few weeks with every song ripped and iPod ready.

At the outset, this sounds more like a rip-off than a rip-utopia. However, it would do you a lot of good to look beyond the surface. You will never get around to ripping all of your CDs, they are offering to do it for you, and all you have to shell out is $1.69 per CD.

For the sake of convenience, you might want to find out if Riptopia is available in your area. Moreover, you can select among a range of formats in which you want your collection to handed over to you. The best advice would be to ask around about Riptopia, and preferably have a chat with someone who has used this service at least once. Also, you can read up reviews on the web that talk about Riptopia – you will find the number of positive reviews outweigh complaints by far.

Lastly, you might note the fact that the quality of the ripped audio you receive from Riptopia is extremely high and far better than any retail CD you might come upon.

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