If you have a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file and want to convert that to Hypertext Markup Language (html), then here are your options :

1> My favorite that tops this list is Zamzar, you can convert CSV to HTML for free at Zamzar.com

2> If you want a quick, online CSV to HTML converter, then go here. The advantage of this tool is, you can convert the CSV files quickly, in real time and you have a lot of options to choose the format from. You also have an option to convert CSV to MediaWiki format.

3> If you want to download a desktop software to convert CSV to HTML then download SoftInterfaces’ CSV to HTML converter Free download.

4> If you know a bit of programming and can manage JavaScript, then download this free javascript to convert CSV to HTML. The advantage with this is, you can add your own conditions and can customize it further, where as with the other options, you’ll have to stick with what the publishers have to offer. And the catch is you have to know programming 🙂

Link to the script.

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