Docx Converter is free software that allows users to convert their .docx file to simple .html format or .txt format. Files converted to .html format from .docx files can be easily shared and accessed by other system users. This converter has been launched by Office Microsoft 2007. This is the reason why it is not supported by the older versions of MS Office as well as other operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X etc. It is also not supported by word processing applications like, NeoOffice, Lotus 123, OpenOffice etc.

You can easily locate the widget of Docx Converter any where at your desktop. Next, simply drag and drop the .docx file onto the widget for format conversion. This widget will automatically convert this file into a new .html formatted file. The striking advantage of this application is that it will re-locate the converted file back to its original place automatically without having to manually relocate this file by the user. You can then immediately open that file in your web browser. This converter will retain the main formatting existing in the previous .docx file like, bold, and underlined text, italic, Left, center, right and justified alignment.

For accessing online Docx converters, the only requisite is a system connected with a viable internet connection. You just have to upload the document which needs to be converted. Click “Submit” and download the converted document within a few minutes. This utility application is one of the most efficient applications optimized by both big and small offices where installing new software is not encouraged.

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