Paypal offers three different variation of accounts to suit your need. Depending on what kind of transaction you’ll be involved in, you can choose to pick Personal, Business or Premier account. However, there are chances that you over look this when you are creating an account with paypal and you end up picking either Personal account or Premier account while you intended to open a Personal account. The major difference between Personal account and the other two is that there is no transaction fee for Personal account, where as there are transaction fee slabs for the other two.

There is a way in which you can downgrade to a Personal account from Business / Premier account in Paypal. The post will help you achieve this. However, an easier alternative is to have another account, which is Personal and keep the Business / Premier account as it is, as you might need one in future. Evalute your options thoroughly and then make the decision, if you really want to shift back to Personal account or continue with the same.



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