i-Tunes is a tremendous media player that plays digital music and video files in your system. This player has been designed by Apple Computers. One of the most advantageous aspects of this music player is that it has an inbuilt feature to convert i-Tunes into Mp3 formats. All you need to do is make some changes in the Import settings and convert any i-tune into Mp3 format. Below is the detailed path required for changing the media format into Mp3.

• First click on to Edit . Then proceed to Preferences.
• You find an option by the name, General tab. Click on it.
• Further click the option “When You Insert a CD”. Then click “Import Settings”
• Then Choose “MP3 encoder” located against the option “Import Using“.
• You can further choose and make amendments to the quality settings.
• Click OK.

You can further import these media files in Mp3 formats to a Live CD. All you need to is create a new play list for storing all the converted music files. Follow the path File> New Playlist. Give an identifiable name to this list. Next, add all the i-Tunes that you have selected for conversion into Mp3 format. Then, add them to the play list you have just created. Press cntrl+ right click and then choose the play list option. Go through your play list and make sure that you add all the files. At last, click on Burn Disc located at the bottom of iTunes Window.


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