How To Convert ITunes MPEG 4 /  MP4 / M4A / M4V Audio To MP3 Audio РFree Converter

What is M4A / M4V format?

At first, I too was confused what the .m4a / .m4v formats were, however  I found out that they are nothing but a variant of .mp4 / MPEG 4 format.

Is there any free software to convert .m4a / .m4v files to other formats?

1> By far, this one is one of my most favorite software – AVS Audio Editor. But, this one is not a freeware. It’s a shareware which costs around $39, and I feel the price is worth every penny, considering the features it offers. This editor can be used for various other purposes, one of my most used being to create ringtones for iPhones.

Direct Download link: AVS Audio Editor

2> There is another software that seems to be pretty popular. But I’ve never used it personally. May be one of the readers can try it out and let me know their experience. It’s free to download – Maniac Tools M4a tp MP3 converter.

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  1. @Suhas – The download link to the software is given in the post itself. Let me know if that doesn’t work. I can send you another link.


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