If you are looking for a solution to merge multiple MPEG (Pronounced as M-peg) files to a single AVI file, then this post will help you. Well there are couple of ways to do it, and the common route one would take is to find a MPEG – to AVI converter, convert all the files to AVI format and then use a tool to ‘stitch’ all the AVI files together.

There is a simpler way to do it with the DivX Converter. Follow these step by step instruction:

1> Go to DivX site, download and install the latest DivX bundle.

2> Launch DivX Converter from the DivX program group

3> Click on View List, which will open the list window

4> Browse and add your MPEg files one after the other. The moment you add more than one file, you’ll see a grey box which has an option to combine all the videos into one. If you want to combine all the videos into one then include that option,

5> If you are looking for advanced options to further customize the video, like the resolution of the video, bitrate etc, then you’ll find a tiny exclamation mark just below the check box. Selecting that will get you the advanced options. This is necessary when you have videos with different resolutions or bitrate. You can normalize various entities here.

While including the videos, you should keep an eye on the File size as CD and DVD’s vary in file size limit, you can’t stuff a CD with more than 700 MB of content where as a DVD can take upto 4.4 GB of content or even more!

Recheck all the options once you are done with customizing them and run the process and your AVI will be generated in the specified output folder.

[ Download DivX ]


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