Sometimes we download some PDF files from internet and want to convert them into word documents or excel sheets, so that we can make changes according to our need. However this task of conversion is not that simple and most of us would not like to spend those extra bucks in purchasing that conversion software. What you want is a simple and free solution. So if you ever felt the same need to convert PDFs into Word and Excel documents then try out Nitro Software’s free online conversion. It is totally free, no need to install even, just visit the website and covert your documents in your desired format.

It simply converts your PDF files to word or excel formats. Nitro, who are also makers of the Prime PDF software, offers two web services – PDF to Word and PDF to Excel.

You just have to visit the respective website. There you will find an option to upload your PDF document and then you have to submit your email address. In few seconds you will be have the converted document in your inbox.

For PDF to Word conversion, you have the facility to convert your PDF files into Word as well as RTF formats whereas in PDF to Excel conversion, it can only convert the file into XLS. Both these softwares are in Beta stage, but give you accurate output with small details like same font, images and layouts.

The biggest advantage is that they do not add any kind of logo to the converted documents, and the size limit of documents is not mentioned anywhere on the main website. However after a quick search you will notice that the size limit of documents to be uploaded and converted is 12MB. So get ready to a whole new experience of converting your PDF files into Word or Excel without any extra expenses and with prompt services.



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